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Back up and on the ground running. :)

Hello viewers of my blog. I’d just like to say that I’m back up and running with the blog, so look forward to more posts!

As we all know Windows 7 was released October 22 ( I’ll have a review up when I can.) But there was something that I never quite expected with it’s release….the bashing of Windows Vista. Everyone is saying now that Vista was a piece of crap. Personally, I really love Vista, I mean no I don’t use it anymore ( I like Ubuntu more. ) but it is a kick ass operating system. There is nothing wrong with Windows Vista.

What people do is, they either tested the beta thinking it was the actual OS when it was released and hated it even continued to hate it when the OS was actually released. A BETA IS AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT PEOPLE ( Google mail and Google Chrome are the exceptions.) You can’t expect a beta to be prefect and Vista has improved with Service Pack 1 & 2, which I think people never installed, otherwise they’d think is was better. People update your damned Operating System. ….Anyway odds are people will say the same thing about Windows 7 .. We’ll see….. Your thoughts? Do you like Vista?

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