About and Welcome

Hello and Welcome!

Firstly, I would like to say hello to everyone …..HI GUYS! ( and girls of course. ) Anyway, this is my blog. It contains most of my thoughts and feelings, however, it will also contain reviews of books, manga, anime, movies, games, and so on and so forth at my leisure. It also will contain ( as the subheading in the header states) technology.

Secondly, I was an avid blogger in my past year or two in high school, but as we all know things pile up and we put things on the back burner, which is sadly were this blog has ended up many times. I’m hoping this time will be different and I am able to devote the time necessary to maintain this blog. So, on to the list of favorites we go!

Anime : Naruto

Music : Any kind of Rock, Metal, Alt, Techno

I don’t really watch T.V to much… maybe Mythbusters

etc etc…

Ways to contact me.

  • Gaiaonline.com – The Riaku
  • Ubuntuforms.org – Riaku
  • Gmail – riaku1@gmail.com
  • messenger – Msn – riaku@live.com

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